Welcome to Nepal Transit & Warehousing Company Ltd.

Message From Chairman

Nepal Transit and warehousing company limited (NTWCL), a Government of Nepal undertaking is the only public sector institution of Nepal, to look after the transit transport,  warehousing and logistical operation. Established back in 2028 B.S (1971 AD), the company works as custodian of transit movement of goods between port of Kolkata/Haldia and Nepal borders, particularly for clearing and forwarding, undertaking of the government owned goods, arranging transport and operating godowns/CFS at the port of call and at the border stations in Nepal and India.

A major shift is taking place in transit transport systems with the development of modern technologies and ICT infrastructures. The company is now poised to face challenges of bringing qualitative changes in its operation and provision of services in order to remain competitive and relevant in the transport and logistics market. Hence, staffs and stakeholders of NTWCL need to reorient their focus, more than ever, to revive and sustain the Company and at the same time contribute to the goal of reducing trade costs through appropriate facilitation measures. I also take this opportunity to thank all stakeholders and clients of the company for their continued support and good wishes to the company.


Nepal Transit and Warehousing co. Ltd. is a wholly owned undertaking of Government of Nepal reporting to the Ministry of Commerce, established on September 15, 1971 (Bhadra 30, 2028)  under the provisions of the Treaty of Transit between Nepal & India. The Company functions as representative of the Government to provide warehousing facilities at Kolkata and Haldia Port, India and conduct all the transit related activities including  undertaking of government owned cargo, clearing and forwarding and managing of transport between gateway port and Nepal NTWCL, is duly registered in both Nepal and India under the company act of both countries.


Latest Notice:-

कम्पनीले खुला प्रतिस्पर्धाबाट पदपूर्ति गर्नको लागी मिति २०७६/०३/१३ मा प्रकाशित सूचना वमोजिम सवै तह पद तथा समूहको पाठ््यक्रममा पदपूर्ति समितिबाट पाठ््यक्रमको अंकभारमा सामान्य परिमार्जन गरिएको हुँदा सम्वन्धित सवैका लागी यो सूचना प्रकाशित गरिएको छ ।

पदपूर्ति समिति

Goals/Objectives :

To ensure increased transit facilities for the export and import trade of Nepal and reduce the costs of transit. 

To provide smooth and expeditious clearing and forwarding services in respect of  import/export consignments of government and its undertakings to and from Nepal.Rreadmore..