नेपाल पारवहन तथा गोदाम व्यवस्था कम्पनी लिमिटेड
Nepal Transit & Warehousing Co. Ltd.
(नेपाल सरकारको पूर्ण स्वामित्व भएको)


Strategy :Nepal being landlocked country, Nepal Transit Warehousing Company Ltd. strives to maintain and enhance the competitive capabilities of Nepalese products in international market by minimizing transit cost, extending physical facilities at various transit heads. It maintains good relationship with different business institutions on national and international level for the smooth operation of Nepalese foreign trade with much success.
  1. What long term plan, strategic plan, medium term plan and/or policy guidelines drives the activity of the organization?
Plan and Policies Name and year of implementation Approving authority and year of approval
Long term plan/Perspective plan a. Development operation and management of birth at Haldia (Proposed)
  1. Development of CFS atKathmandu. (Proposed)
  2. Development of CFS at Proposed International Airports – Nizgadh and Pokhara. (Operation Plan)
Ministry of Commerce being reporting Ministry, is the approving authority of all above projects.
Mid- term or periodic plan
  1. Conversion of open space at Kolkata to CFS (Running)
  2. Conversion of Open space at Haldia to CFS
c. Operation of CFS at ICPs (Intigrated Custom points)
Sector development plan
Strategic plan
Sector development policy
  1. What are the scopes of work assigned by the rule or statutes to your organization? (Please list in order of priority)
Scopes of work:
  1. To construct and operate transit warehouses and similar other storage godown at Sea ports, Airports, railway points and customs heads to accommodate Nepalese traffic in transit.
  2. Operation of clearing and forwarding service.
  3. Issue Undertaking (Guarantee) in lieu of duty insurance on Import/Export cargo ofNepal.
  4. Conduct research and surveys in every possible sectors of transit, so as to facilitate Nepalese traffic in transit.
  5. What key results are expected to achieve by this organization in a temporal basis? (please base your answer on long term plan, periodic or annual plan)
Results expected by organization:
  1. Enhance competitive capabilities of Nepalese product in International markets.
  2. Maintain business relationship with foreign countries through qualitative International trade.
  3. Enhance the dignity of Company establishing itself as key organizations dealing in transit transportation sectors inNepal.